The Swam Mallard by John Randall.

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[Survey] LoL / Beverage Consumption Habits—Win a $10 RP Card!

I’m doing a small research survey for my university, concerning a mixed baggie of esports/league/beverage consumption habits and would be grateful if you all would fill this out! The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you are in the NA region, please fill out what your summoner name is towards the end of the survey so that you have a chance at winning a $10 RP card as thanks for completing the survey! :)

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks, all!

Survey located HERE.

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You never really wish for someone’s exact existence, until they come into your life and you realize what you’ve been lacking all this time. Suddenly, they matter. Suddenly, they become an integral part of you. Your thoughts revolve around them. 
It baffles you how someone so separate fits you perfectly, like you’re each other’s mold. Then comes the mystery of contact. Skin on skin, eye to eye, breaths mingling, hearts beating. You bet it would feel like magic, like electricity. It is all intriguing, painful, and wonderful. And then you realize what it’s called. Distance rubs the irony in and slaps you in the face. Love moves in mysterious fucking ways. You wish for a lot of things. But not for what is happening right now. And though it’s hard, you admit that you’ve never felt more blessed.
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Good night qwq

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